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More than just an ISP, we know that selling mass circuits normally causes

impersonal support.  We offer DS1 (and above) circuits, Managed Co-Location

Servers, Web Hosting and Email Solutions.  Our support team are true experts. 

No «Que Cards» are required.

Dedicated Internet Connections

Web Hosting

Email Services


Hosting is in the eye of the beholder.  We «interview» each customer, searching

for the requirements which are needed for a successful, flexible solution.  From

Virtual Hosting Services to Managed Hosting Solutions, we are positive we

have an exact fit for you.  Our Hosting Services include various combinations

of virtual and managed solutions with the common and uncommon Internet

activities.  You can be assured, if we host it, it will be done right.

Mail Queuing Services

Mail queuing services on multiple, redundant servers off premise provide a «first

line of defense» against viruses, mass junk mail, worms and extended circuit

outages holding mail in queue for days (currently up to 7 days).  Also with this

functionality, all inbound SMTP access can be prohibited except for the mail

queuing servers and communications between the queuing servers and the

internal servers will be TLS encrypted if possible (Dependant upon customers

internal mail server).

On-line Backup

Exiback is our on line, off site backup solutions for modern Windows platforms,

Linux and other Unix related operating systems.  Please contact us for further